adidas IBJJF Kids Challenge BJJ Gi 335gr Pearl Weave

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The adidas Kid’s Response Rip Stop Cotton BJJ Gi has been constructed specifically for be durable and extremely lightweight with 100% rip stop cotton. Triple reinforced stitching, EVA foam collar and pre-shrunk fabric are just some of the great features with this uniform. This gi is also completely versatile and will be a great gi for any level athlete with both adult and child sizes available.

  • The gi top is made with one piece of fabric with no seam in the back, providing strength, comfort and durability
  • An EVA foam rubber collar keeps it soft, helps the gi dry faster, and helps prevent bacteria or fungus from developing
  • Pre-shrunk / ideal fit
  • Triple reinforced stitching across all stress points
  • Made from ultra-lightweight, 100% rip stop cotton
  • Quick-dry and fully breathable
  • Belt is not included